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History of CarSpünk


The word Spünk derives from Germany and translates to ‘a quality of mind showing enthusiasm, boldness, energy, courage, determination and motivation’, something that here at CarSpünk we all have. CarSpünk was founded in Leyland, Lancashire, by Leyland Car Care Co, a professional car valeting and detailing business, providing solutions for their clients for over 10 years.


We have tried and tested many top of the range car valeting and cleaning products available on the Market, both trade products, and products for public consumption, and after extensive thinking have decided to develop our own product.


Knowing that the market was already strong for Car Valeting products, it was important to do intense research. So contact was made with companies in China, India and South America, before returning the UK to find the ideal one, after about 5 months of formulating CarSpünk was born!


CarSpünk Ultimate Car Wax was the first product to be released by CarSpünk ; it was tried and tested on many vehicles before Tim even considered retailing it to the public.


Since word has started to spread about the new valeting product range, (even though at the moment there is only the Ultimate Car Wax available to

the public, other products are still in the lab being perfected by our technicians) there have been enquiries coming in from across the globe, even as far as Los Angeles & Australia.


Within one week of CarSpünk's Facebook page going live, CarSpünk had over 400 likes and many messages of support (so thank you to all of the supporters out there) Its conception.


Have you ever noticed the love people have for their cars, spending hours cleaning them inside and out, taking them to car shows to show them off, entering competitions to see who can win a certificate for the shiniest car, and standing in the shopping isles spending time sniffing each and every air freshener on the shelf to find the best smelling one, looking at what colour suits your personality or your car best ?

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