The rise of the Porsche 944

One of the many cars in the CarSpünk fleet is the Porsche 944! The body of the 944 hinged on the 924 with more striking contours. The 944 also featured a 2.5-litre in-line four-cylinder engine developed by Porsche. The 944 was then viewed as a “true” Porsche in the eyes of customers.

We saw this Porsche 944 sitting in a barn and couldn’t resist bringing it back to life! With scratches and scuffs along the body and a worn interior. Nothing our team couldn’t sort out!



Once rolled into the CarSpünk garage, we began inspecting the interior and body work some more!


We started with polishing the body work but this wasn’t giving us the results we were after. Back to the drawing board!

Want to keep up to date with the Porsche 944 restoration? Check out our social media and watch out for our blog to find out more, the story is beginning!

Bringing life back to the BMW e30

Our first car to the fleet, the BMW e30 delivers German efficiency and classic lines that are still reflected in today’s models. This is what CarSpunk stands for and is reflected in our products, community and our general ethos.

The journey began when the car was pulled out of a barn in Kent and began the long journey up north!

Once it landed at HQ, the paint was restored using our CarSpunk industry leading products. The trim was treated with exterior trim dress and brought back from being sun damaged to being showroom ready!

We’ve now added some Rotoform wheels to give it some individuality and make it stand out from the crowd. With its CarSpunk decals it really looks the part and is ready to be seen!

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