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It all depends on how through you want to be. For a decent clean, that won’t drive you mad, start with:

  • Clean your wheels with HD wheel cleaner
  • Pre wash with CarSpunk Snow Foam
  • Shampoo then rinse and dry
  • Prepare the paint with CarSpunk polish, rinse and dry again
  • Wax or seal the paint
  • Finally, clean your windows and trims

If your car is exposed to corrosive materials like salt and sand, it should be washed often. Moisture attracts contaminants and promotes a variety of chemical reactions that can affect your car’s finish. Frequent washing is essential to the life of your car’s chrome and painted surfaces. In seasons or climates less conductive to corrosion, a wash every two weeks should be adequate. In areas with acid rain, a wash every ten days is advised. Of course, these estimates may vary depending upon whether your car is kept in a garage or out in the elements.

Dirt and grime collect in the areas around your car’s wheels. Treating your car loosens and rinses the grime, giving you a smoother ride. The spray also helps prevent rusting inside the of the wheel wells – the most difficult type of rust to stop. Tests have shown that a properly cleaned and waxed car has less wind resistance, resulting in a smoother ride and improved fuel economy.

Tar and certain oils used on roads require an extremely strong solvent to remove. CarSpunk Tar, Marble and Glue remover will dissolve and leave a smear free finish. A word of caution: follow directions carefully and wash your car as soon as possible after using such a solvent.

We know how annoying streaky glass can be. To get the best finish wipe the exterior glass one way and the internal glass in the opposite direction. By doing so, you will be able to see whether the streak is on the inside or the outside.

Sponges have long been the ideal tool for washing cars, but no longer. Now it’s all about microfibre cloths that make it easier to wash, rinse and dry your car. This new method protects the paintwork without scratching the finish of your car. These cloths offer reduced friction and greater efficiency for an easy clean with improved shine. Just a few tips, remember use separate cloths to wash and dry your vehicle and remove any tags to avoid scratching.

A polish is an abrasive product that cleans and refines paintwork, where as wax coats the surface and protects the paintwork.

Our CarSpunk Wax delivers a long lasting shine and will last for around 3 months. During this time it’s advised to wash your car every 7-10 days to remove any contaminates from the paint. Every month re-apply the wax and after a few months you should have a good barrier against the elements

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