Leyland Car Care Co. ~ British Commercial Vehicle Museum Collaboration Wax. Priced at £35.00 the collaboration wax comes with a 150ml Metal tin of wax and free microfiber. Leyland Car Care Company & Carspünk have had a long standing relationship with the BCVM for many years, keeping the vehicles tip top for the public to view each day throughout the year! When shining the vehicles we get asked „What’s that your using? They’re coming up very shiny“. It’s our own formulated wax made here in the UK just like the Leyland brand itself. Consisting of Carnauba wax and other natural waxes, this collaboration wax will keep your vehicle looking shiny like the exhibition displays and protected from the British weather. Used after a wash and polish this product is easy to apply and take off. It won’t take you long to have a sparkling, protected vehicle looking like an exhibition piece! This product works well with our other products also on offer on the website. 

British Commercial Vehicle Museum Wax

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