Detailing Clay Bar
Vehicles are subject to many different contaminations whilst out on the road or even sat on your drive. Some of these may comprise of many different things such as brake dust, acid rain, road film and tar, fallout, many types of industrial pollutants and even overspray. A build up of these multiple effects can leave your pride and joy very dull with a rough feel to the paintwork, chrome and even glass. Having these embedded into your paint can also lead to much more costly effects such as oxidisation.
So carrying out this process even just once a year can have beneficial effects on your vehicles appearance, value and health! Cars are like humans; imagine not having a proper clean at least once a year! Nasty!

Carspünk Clay Bar

  • Always wash your car to remove loose dirt and contaminates from areas the clay bar is going to be used on. Never use a Clay Bar on a dirty surface or this will cause damage to your vehicle. You can use a fresh bucket of water with Carspunk Wash & Wax, Carspunk Fast Wax or Carspunk Detailing Spray to lubricate the areas in which the Clay Bar will be used after the vehicle has been dried. Spray an area of about 2 square feet to work on. Take about a quarter of the clay bar and create a flat area with it. Softly rub the Clay back and forth across the lubricated area. This is when the clay bar is doing its job, pulling contaminants from the painted surface and leaving a prepped area. Once you feel a smooth surface the paint is ready for the next steps. You can now wipe dry removing any lubricant and clay residue with a quick squirt of detail spray and a clean micro fibre. Check by rubbing your fingers across the area worked on and this should be very smooth. If there is still some roughness, reshape the clay and repeat again making sure you keep the clay well lubricated. This should be repeated all around the vehicle with some areas easier than others. You can use the Clay bar on glass and chrome too, leaving a well prepped area. Once you have your prepped paint work with the Clay bar, use Carspunk Body Polish to complete the exfoliation of the vehicle. Some people and companies like to use a machine polisher in case any flatting has occurred when pressing on to hard. Once the exfoliation process is done there will be tiny divots where the contaminants once were. The vehicle is then ready for you to add the Pro Wax or a sealant to complete the process leaving it looking great, protected and ready for some beading! Paint that has oxidised or blemished will need to be treated and corrected before carrying out the Clay bar routine as this will not be removed. If the there is a slight blemishing through oxidisation this can sometimes be removed. Polish the area first to
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