In our fleet, we have this Porsche 944 we got from a gentleman who had an extensive collection of vehicles. He had to put them up for sale, we were lucky enough to get this one. When we bought it, it was in barn find condition.

Unfortunately, we are having to sell this car. We had plans to do it up and bring it back to its former glory. Then we decided to move on to other cars and to sell this one. We know it would be a good project for someone who has the time to work on it.


  • Engine 2.5L M44/40 I4
  • Power 165-2250 bhp
  • Fuel tank capacity 21.1 U.S. gallons
  • Wheelbase 94.5 inches
  • Length 170 inches
  • Width 68.3 inches

We came up with some questions about the car to ask Tim and these are the answers we got.

Would you change the engine to an electrical one?

‘It would be interesting to see what this car could do with an electric engine, but I think it would be like it’s ripping the heart out of it’


Would you change the colour or add any pictures/stickers?

‘May change it to red, or have some black detail on top of the white’


What was it about this car that stood out to you?

‘It is an iconic design, it’s different to the others’


Would you change anything about the seats like the material, shape etc?


‘If you were using it regularly, I would change it to a comfier material’


What is your opinion of this brand? Do you think this is an overrated brand?

‘No it’s not an overrated brand, I think it is an amazing brand with history and depth’

Recently, we made a video on the Porsche for the YouTube channel showing the outsides, insides and details and talking about it too.

Personally, I like this car a lot because it is a very good brand. It’s vintage, it’s cool and I love all the details on it. Details such as the Porsche badge at the front of the car, the wheels and the steering wheel. I’ve had a good time with helping film this car, showing off its features and getting it out there. I hope you like the video we made and the pictures I took of it.


Thank you for reading my blog – Kate, Cardinal Newman College


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