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Lord of waxes… Jeremy Clarkson’s great-great-great grandfather invented the Kilner Jar, this wasn’t our inspiration for choosing it as our wax holy grail but, oh boy, do we like the coincidence! Our ProWax product produces a durable and very glossy finish, whilst also protecting all your hard work from any polishing and sealing a deep gloss shine – lighter coloured cars achieve a brighter finish with our ProWax, whilst darker cars achieve a richer shade. Did we also mention that it smells like delicious berries? Don’t blame us if you end up licking your vehicle following application… it will be clean enough to eat off, but we still don’t recommend it! Our 250ml jar of wax is a beautiful combination of form and function.The glass jar shows off the shimmer in the wax to maximum effect and the rubber seal keeps everything fresh as a daisy (or in this case a berry). Get ready for an sensory explosion each time you pop the lid!


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