Directions of use.


ProÜ Wax:

Waxing a vehicle preserves that clean and shiny finish and seals its “pores” against dirt. If water doesn’t bead on the surface of the vehicle when it rains or when you hose it down, it needs waxing. Even if you use a car-washing product that has wax in it, you must still give most vehicles a thorough waxing at least four times a year, as in this country we can have ever-changing weather conditions.


Wash your vehicle down by hand preferably using a grit guard at the bottom of your bucket. Dry the vehicle down so that it completely dry using either a microfiber towel or a traditional shammy leather.


Depending on how far you want to take the prep you can then clay bar the paintwork removing any foreign bodies such as overspray, fallout etc. The paint then should be buffed which gets a little more complicated.


You can polish by hand and still get a good result.



To use the wax........


1. Work in a shaded area out of direct sunlight.


2. Use a foam applicator pad to apply your wax.


3. Some products may allow you to coat the entire car before buffing off, but most do not. This is the case for Carspunk and most other hard waxes


4. Allow the wax to dry (haze) before buffing. Always do a small area at a time to avoid letting the wax harden to a point where it’s hard to remove. 


5. Use a small amount of wax at a time, and rub it in well.  If you use too much wax, you're wasting the product and your time. If the wax residue does not buff off easily, switch to a clean wipe towel. Apply your wax in a back-and-forth motion, not in circles.  If you are creating swirls, you need to replace your applicator or towels.


After waxing, your car's paint should feel slick and smooth, and be free of streaks and smudges.



Snow Foam:


The CarspÜnk new formula snow foam fills the air and leaves a cherry scent, this makes this powerful foam powered pre-wash the ideal product to fight against the English weather.


Using our snow foam prior to washing removes and pre loosens dirt and grime from the road and any contaminants; so it does most of the work for you! 


Our recommended dilution rate: 10:1


To use our snow foam: 


1. Use with a snow foam lance


2. Rinse the car first, spray a liberal layer of foam and allow to dwell for at least 2 minutes


3. Power wash away. 


Note: Do not allow the product to dry on paintwork and brightwork. Care should also be taken when used at strong concentrations on polished aluminum. Check surface compatibility prior to application.



Original Wheels:


Our Original Wheels is a safe to use wheel cleaner that does all the hard work for you. Original wheels breaks down built up dust and removes build-up of road tar that may otherwise be stuck. 


With an easy on, easy off application it is safe to use on any type of wheel including alloy, chrome, steel and painted wheels!


The recommended dilution rate: 10:1


To use our original wheels:


1. Ensure the surface is cool 


2. Spray the product and allow it to soak 


3. Agitate with a wheel brush if required and rinse with water


4. Do not allow the product to dry on the surface and do not use on polish alloys, aluminium or anodised. 



Premium Wheels HD:


Formally known as Spick & Spin, our Premium HD is an aggressive cleaner that is effective against removing the dirt that you can use on any type of wheel. 


Premium Hd cuts through build up, breaks down dust and contaminants to leave a showroom-ready finish. 


To use our Premium HD:


1. Ensure the surface is cool 


2. Spray the product and allow it to soak 


3. Agitate with a wheel brush if required and rinse with water


4. Do not allow the product to dry on the surface and do not use on polish alloys, aluminium or anodised



Tar, Marble & Glue Remover:


Our Tar, Marble & Glue remover does exactly what it says on the tin! The quick and easy to apply product instantly dissolves tar on paintwork, plastics and rubber. 


To use our Tar, Marble & Glue remover: 


1. Ensure surface is dry. 


2. Spray, brush or wipe on,


3. agitate and then rinse with water


CAUTION: May soften solvent sensitive plastics and paints. If in doubt test on a small inconspicuous area before use



Universal Cleaner: 


This simple, versatile yet easy to use is the ultimate all-rounder. Safe to use on all interior and exterior surfaces, making cleaning tasks simpler! 


Recommended dilution rate: 60:1 


To use our Universal cleaner: 


1. Shake well before use


2. Spray on affected area you want to clean


3. Buff off with a lint-free cloth


NOTE: When using on fabrics etc spot test small area to ensure colour fastness and suitability.



Fabric Cleaner: 


Our fabric cleaner has low foam formula and a built-in deoderiser perfect for cleaning any spills on the carpets and the seats. This high-performance heavy duty cleaner which is easy to use. 


Recommended dilution rate: 80:1 dependant on soilage 


To use our Fabric cleaner:


1. Shake well before use


2. For heavy ingrained soiling pre-spray area


NOTE: Spot test small area to ensure colour fastness and suitability



Body Glaze: 


Brighten your bodywork with a unique blend of car polish and carnauba wax emulsion that creates a long lasting showroom finish. 



To use our body glaze: 



1. Vehicle should be clean and dey


2. Shake bottle well and apply with a soft cloth



Body Polish: 


The Carspunk body polish is ideal for older paintwork and has a high level of detergent resistance and reflective technologies. 


To us our body polish: 


1. Vehicle should be clean and dry


2. Shake well, apply with a soft cloth and allow to cure


3. Buff off with a lint soft lint cloth or microfibre



Metal Polish:



Our fast-acting metal polish will remove tarnishing from stainless steel, brass, copper, chrome and aluminium which leaves surfaces gleaming! Once polished these surfaces can be further protected with Carspunk wax.


To use our Metal Polish:


1. Shake bottle before use


2. Apply with a soft cloth and allow to cure


3. Buff off with a lint soft lint cloth or microfibre



Glass Spray:


Our specially formulated streak-free glass spray leave glass perfectly clean. Easy to use with quick spray action can be used on most glass, mirrors, perspex and plastic windows. 


To use our Glass Spray:


1. Shake well before use


2. Apply then polish off with a clean paper towel or microfibre 



Tyre Blackener:


An effective, easy to use and quick to apply tyre Blackener that will compliment a clean alloy perfectly and will achieve a long-lasting deep shine, which is waterproof! 


To use our Tyre Blackener:


1. Apply with a clean cloth or brush


2. Wipe off any excess and allow to dry. 



Fall out Remover:


Our new formula Fall Out has the power to dissolve fall out and break dust without removing any waxes or sealants applied. This is the effective safe remover without removing all your hard work!


Our recommended dilution rate: Use neat or diluted with up to 3 parts water, depending on contamination.



To use our Fall Out Remover:



        1.  Apply using a sponge or via a trigger bottle 


        2. Agitate using a soft brush where required and allow to dwell


        3. Rinse with water



Soft Vinyl Shine:


The inside counts just as much as the outside! Our soft vinyl shine has an easy-on easy-off application and is safe to use on all dashboards, plastics and leather trim! 


To use our Soft Vinyl Shine:


        1. Shake well before use


        2. Can be applied with a sponge or lint-free cloth


        3. Apply evenly and allow to dry


        4. Can be buffed with a soft cloth or microfibre for extra shine


Caution: Dressing splatter can discolour plastic and painted surfaces. On tyres always remove excess product and allow to dry before moving the vehicle. Contains silicone – do not use on vehicle controls or where a slippery surface is undesirable.



Wash & Wax Jelly Bean:


Our new formula Wash & Wax has a distinctive Jelly Bean scent that fills the air as your wash your car! Our premium car shampoo has a touch of wax in it which makes it the perfect product to retain your cars shine in-between waxing!


Our recommended dilution rate: Dilute as required


To use our Wash & Wax:


        1. Shake well before use


        2. Use a small amount of solution in warm water.


        3. Apply generously to the vehicle and rinse with plenty of clean water and wipe windscreen to prevent waxing.


        4. After rinsing, dry with a shammy or microfibre and leave in direct sunlight for the wax to cure.



Bug & Sap Remover:


Our bug remover is a simple spray on, wipe off product, allowing you to remove squashed insects easily and quickly! 


To use our Bug & Sap Remover:


        1. Shake well before use


        2. Simply spray on affected area you wish to clean


        3. Buff off with a lint-free cloth or microfibre


Caution: When using on fabrics etc spot test small area to ensure colour fastness and suitability.



Rain repellent:


Ensure you always have the best possible visibility if you use our windscreen rain repellent, which seals microscopic pores on the glass creating an invisible water-repellent barrier. 


To use our rain repellent:


        1.  Clean and dry surfaces before treating


        2.  Apply to a small, folded, dry cloth and wipe onto exterior using a firm, circular and overlapping motion


        3. Allow product to dry; a slight haze may appear


        4. Reapply to ensure complete and uniform coverage


        5. Remove final haze with a dry cloth or by sprinkling water onto the haze and wiping with a paper towel



Helmet Sanitiser:


Our Carspunk helmet sanitiser is so simple to use with a spray on formula which you wipe over with a cloth, It kills any odours whilst also providing along-lasting protection against smells and bacteria - you’ll always have a fresh head!

To use our Helmet Sanitiser:


        1. Spray directly onto surface


       2. leave for a minimum of 1 minute and wipe off excess with a clean cloth.



Anti Fog:


Our anti-fog product prevents interior and helmet fogging before the problem begins! Anti-fog eliminates interior condensation, fogging and steaming, caused by wet weather, high humidity & temperatures changes.


To use our Anti-fog:


       1. Spray directly onto surface


        2. wipe off any excess with a clean cloth



Detail Spray:


Our detail spray is quick and easy to use and was made specifically to reduce the time needed to keep your vehicle looking like you’ve spent hours!


To use our Detail Spray:


       1. Apply as a mist from a trigger spray around 1 spray per panel is usually sufficient


        2. Quickly buff away residue to leave a fantastic shine



Exterior Trim Dress:


Our easy on, easy off formula will restore the original colour and leave a glossy water-repellent film - rest in peace “you’ve missed a bit” comments!


To use our Exterior Trim Dress:


        1. Shake well before use


        2. Apply with soft clean cloth and allow to dry


        3. Buff off with a soft clean cloth.



Leather Cleaner:


Our versatile leather cleaner shines, conditions, restores and removes all traces of dirt in only a couple of quick steps, to leave your car interior looking as good as new.


Our recommended dilution rate: 20:1


To use our Leather Cleaner:


        1. Spray onto a cloth and wipe over the surface


        2. Buff to a beautiful shine! 

CarspÜnk Air Fresheners:

At Carspunk, we help you to keep your car smelling fresh on the inside and looking great on the outside!

To use any of our Air Fresheners:

        Use Directly as a deodorant spray or mix with water for surface treatment





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